Why chickens listening to mozart turned Corey’s Healing Broth organic.

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What comes to mind when you think of chickens dancing to music? For me, it is this infamous chicken dance tune that while I’m writing this post, is TOTALLY STUCK in my head!!!

Jokes aside, as a parent, I’m always on the lookout for healthier eating options for the family. It hasn’t always been that way though. For the longest time, I didn’t give two hoots about what went into my food much less the origins of our livestock. But of course, Corey’s severe food allergies to eggs, milk and peanuts changed all that. Camping for hours in supermarket aisles, I scrutinized everything down to the last ingredient. And boy am I glad I did. The amount of junk that goes into a lot of generic products is guaranteed to put our babies’ fragile kidneys into overdrive! So I slowly made healthier changes.

In case you are wondering, this process did not happen overnight. Like with all good habits, it takes time and constant chipping away. But once you start, you would be surprised how easy it is to get the momentum going.

One of the first changes I made was the chicken I was cooking with. For the past 2 years, my staple poultry has been Sakura Chicken (http://www.keesong.com/brands/sakura-kami-sakura/).

I was also making Corey’s Healing Broth weekly so the quality of my chickens was a number one concern. Sakura chickens fit my criteria as they are reared in an organic fashion, without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Sakura chickens are additionally fed lactobacillus probiotic developed in Japan, which enhances their immune systems and somehow makes their meat sweeter and more tender than normal market bought chickens.

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Then in the last few weeks, my friendly Kee Song chicken man introduced me to Kee Song Group’s new range of certified organic chicken, named LACTO CHICKEN ( http://www.keesong.com/brands/3241-2/ ).

Lacto Chickens are reared in a free-roaming pen similar to Sakura chickens.  They are fed probiotics (Lactobacillus) developed by our very own National University of Singapore #supportlocal. No antibiotics or hormones are involved in their rearing.

With Mozart playing in the background of their pens. 

My first question was: “Why not hip hop? chicken krumping might make their muscles lean and strong?”.

I think he didn’t get my joke.

The theory goes, soothing classical music makes for happier chickens. And happy chickens grow healthier which in turns makes their meat more tender and juicy.

Taste Test and a bit of fun

The Lacto chickens are a little smaller than the Sakura Chickens I was used to. My Kee Song chicken man assured me that both ranges (the Sakura and Lacto) are reared to a matured age of 30 – 40 days. The meat was definitely tender and had a similar sweetness to the Sakura.

I made a few batches of Corey’s Healing Broth with these Lacto chicken bones and it turned out wonderful.

Most importantly, my boys approved.

As we chowed down on our new version of Corey’s Healing Broth, I explained to the boys the chickens used in the cooking had listened to music. They found this fact ticklish and had a good giggle.

“Mummy our chickens must be the music listening ones!!”

Corey ran to find his toy chickens and his radio and daddy’s headphones (sidenote to daddy: no headphones were hurt in the process). The result is this photoshoot.

No prizes for guessing the genre of music he chose was not classical. Corey would have none of that Mozart stuff. His chickens had to listen to ‘wheels of the bus’!

Introducing the organic version of #coreyshealingbroth.

Whether or not listening to music makes for healthier and happier chickens is something we will never know (unless someone can translate clucking, anyone??). But if listening to soothing classical music improves their wellbeing then I’m totally for it. Hey we might be carnivores but we can be humane about it! Moreover, this range is also certified MY Organic (Malaysia organic cert – since all our chicken farms are based there). Kee Song is launching their Lacto chicken in supermarkets island wide, so watch out for it in NTUC supermarkets. Kee Song is having a carnival to launch the Lacto chicken, happening tomorrow. Click on this photo to their Facebook page for details. 

Since we have a found a good source of certified organic chickens in the Lacto chicken, Corey’s Healing Broth will now go full organic! Going full organic might mean a little increase in our cost, but the payoff is a huge difference in having a peace of mind.

Next up, I’ll discuss the organic veggies I’m using because organic green papaya is readily available in our part of the world, how lucky are we?!

Click on this photo to order Corey’s Healing Broth (organic) now! 



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