Unboxing the Châteraisé allergy friendly cake

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Here’s a video of my unboxing the Châteraisé allergy friendly cake that we bought for Corey’s second birthday. Read on to find out why we love it!

With a son who’s allergic to eggs, milk and peanut our commercial cake choices for celebrations are almost zero. We’ve made do with a fruit tower in one celebration and a tub of vegan ice cream for another.

So imagine my excitement when this colourful signage caught my eye. I excitedly sent it to my hubs declaring that this could be the cake for Corey’s second birthday!

And boy it did not disappoint!

Trust the Japanese to score full marks for attention to detail!

This is a from Châteraisé, a Japanese patisserie with many wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth desserts all made from dairy and eggs. I admit I was a bit skeptical when I found out they had a cake free of eggs, dairy and wheat. It looked so yummy in the photos, I just had to email the company for more details on ingredient information and possibility of cross contamination.

A full list of ingredients was sent to me and of course was given the usual ‘best efforts have been made to reduce chance of cross contamination’. Any allergy mum will tell you that with an answer like is equivalent to saying ‘eat this at your own risk’. Because it is a shared facility that produces mainly products with eggs and milk, I was hesitant. But after further enquirer into the Japanese’s attention to detail I felt better.

Boxed and refrigerated from kitchen. No handling of cake except the customer.

When I bought the Châteraisé allergy friendly cake, it was fully boxed, with a package of fresh strawberries and a sealed piece of chocolate. A food safe carbon paper was provided to transfer your personalised message onto the chocolate.

Staff were instructed that they were not allowed to help customers with writing the message on the chocolate plate. Hence you can see me getting creative in the video.

I was told that staff were also not allowed to open and take out the cakes to reduce chances of cross contamination.

Best tasting vegan cake we’ve had

Without eggs and milk, a lot of the vegan cakes I’ve tried were dense and dry. But this one was a dream! Light and fluffy, the strawberry compote was not too sweet.

I did feel the fresh soy cream was a bit much. But, preference for the amount of cream probably depends on different individuals. Like my sons had no problems finishing all that cream, plus they licked the plate clean, literally.

Absolute peace of mind that he can enjoy this little treat

We are about to head to a birthday party tomorrow. And as usual, it’s a headache for us to avoid the dessert table where Corey’s allergens are abundant. We made a decision as a family to reduce our own consumption of eggs, milk and peanuts in an effort to build more inclusiveness for our family unit.

With this cake being a convenient option I always bring along a slice or two for him to enjoy during other people’s parties. It gives me peace of mind knowing he can enjoy this little treat along with the festivities.

Share this with those who have allergies and need an egg free, milk free, wheat free cake for celebrations

This video was filmed over half a year ago during his second birthday celebrations but I still love those smile of Corey looking at his cake. I have since become a fan of this cake. Do share this with anyone living with multiple food allergies who can take soy, rice and strawberries!

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