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for taking the time to make this video and help raise awareness in Singapore for severe allergies & Epipen usage

For all those who missed tuning in on the 17th of October, here’s the full video clip of the recording from Power98.

My faith in people’s ability to empathise about severe food allergic reactions restored.

I’m so used to feeling slighted whenever I emphasize my son’s severe allergies that I’ve come to accept the dismissal as a norm. So I had no expectations when I sent my thoughts to Power98 about the joke they said on air that misrepresented the use of Epipens (read the original post here).

In fact, this weary allergy parent has been brushed off so many times (yup I can see all you allergy parents nodding in unison), I almost expected to be ignored.

When Mike and JK apologised online, I cringed. Gosh, was this actually happening?

The cynic in me immediately jumped to conclusions wondering if they were being sarcastic? Were they wondering if I’m being a paranoid, overprotective parent as is so often branded of us food allergy parents?

When I paused and reflected: this isn’t about me nor my ego. Maybe the DJs did think I need a chill pill but whatever their thoughts were didn’t matter. What matters is this was a decent gesture which the producers and DJs probably had to scramble to put together in a short time.

Share this video with your family and friends to raise awareness for food allergies

I wrote what I wrote to Power98 (original post link here) because I felt I needed to take a stand for the food allergy sufferers. My hopes were for them to relay the accurate Epipen information on air. They did just that, AND MORE. They went above and beyond my expectations through the filming of this video which we now can share with our communities to spread the word about severe anaphylaxis and how to use an Epipen.

Nevermind that the acoustics of the interview made one feel like being in an echo chamber. Reading the subtitles were an easy fix for that. Scrub to 2.08 minutes is where you will find a screenshot that shows how Epipens look like and more importantly informs people it should be injected into the thigh (and not anywhere else).

The apology? that’s the icing on the cake.

And for once I found myself graciously accepting it.

THANK YOU POWER98 producers and Mike & JK for your effort in spreading the word on severe allergies and the correct use of Epipens. Your actions are a testament that there are still decent humans in our society 🙂

Share this with family and friends to learn a little about severe allergies, anaphylaxis and how to use an Epipen.

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