Moist vegan flaxseed vanilla cake & decadent coffee aquafaba buttercream

by amanda

My cake of hearts for the loves in my life

Having just turned 3, Corey is finally able to piece together words to express himself. Although his sentences are at best 4 to 5 words, I can still make out the context and hold toddler conversations with him. The other day after school, he came home singing ‘happy birthday’ so I asked him whose birthday it was at school. He mumbled an inaudible name and continues with

“I eat the other cake”.

“Wait a minute, which cake was that?”  I quizzed, suddenly concerned that I was not aware there was a  birthday that day.

“I cannot eat the cake”. and pauses before he continues ” I eat the other cake”.

Then I remembered the mum of the birthday girl had mentioned she would buy a slice of the Chateraise soy cake for Corey because he could not eat the birthday cake. I looked at my little boy and wondered what goes through that 3-year-old head when he has to eat ‘the other cake’.

While I take the time to explain to my baby why he has to eat something different from the rest of the children, it is also not lost on me just how little options children with special dietary needs have when it comes to cakes and treats.

Vegan baker by necessity, mixed with a dollop of love sprinkled with a dash of soul

Fueled by necessity, I picked up vegan baking with alarming speed that has surprised even myself. And because I’ve had the benefit of indulging in sinful dairy and egg filled baked goods all my life, I thought why should my food allergic son not have the same experiences? So I set out to find the best, not only vegan, but also nut free recipes to try (and fail!).

After countless gummy and overbaked batches of vegan vanilla sponge cakes, I  discovered the wonders of using flaxseed ‘egg’ to get that perfect vanilla cake. It is soft, moist and not too sweet. And not forgetting that flaxseed has so many wonderful health qualities that now I can incorporate into baked goods. Especially since my kids suffer from constipation issues (and flax acts as a natural laxative).

Moist vegan flaxseed vanilla cupcakes

This delicate vanilla sponge bakes wonderfully into cupcakes. It is also stable enough to build into a cake. And paired with my coffee aquafaba vegan buttercream it is a total crowd pleaser! Decadent and airy both at the same time.

Have a look inside in the picture below! Those little brown specks of flax meal adds a nice texture visually, yet you can’t taste any grainyness at all (trust me if it was grainy, my fussy boys would have protested eating them in a heartbeat!).

The flax meal makes this vanilla cake so light and fluffy I totally forgot that it is eggless!

And that decadent coffee vegan buttercream is the perfect companion to the vanilla cake. I usually only try one mouth of cake and save the rest for the kids. But this time, I ate this the WHOLE CUPCAKE.

And here’s a look at my taste testers who agree with me. In fact, they would have finished the whole cake if I had not stopped them. I’ll post more photos of the inside tomorrow (since I managed to save half the cake from their tiny clutches).

Im taking private orders for those in Singapore, for this cake in 5 inches and 6 inches diameter. Am working on posting the product in my online shop. But in the meantime, if you can’t wait to get this yummilicious cake into your stomach (WHY WAIT?!), you can email me at for more information.

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sheela kataria February 15, 2019 - 12:51 pm

Looks too good ! Hope you’ll share the recipe one day !

amanda February 15, 2019 - 4:58 am

Hi Shelly! Definitely working on the recipe! Hoping to make a video of the process. Follow me on facebook @projectsimplicitysg or my Instagram @amandaprosimple for periodic updates too 🙂


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