Limited edition egg, dairy & nut free pineapple tarts open for orders

by amanda
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“I Can’t believe this is vegan”

Yes, it is true. These were the exact words that came out of the mouths of our taste testers.

These piggies have the same crumbly flaky texture of a conventional dairy and egg made pineapple tart. A semi-sweet pineapple filling adds a complex burst of flavour to the party as you take that second and third chew. While you try to wrap your head around how these babies were made without the conventional allergen laden ingredients, you would be swallowing the final crumbs of goodness. Next thing you know, your hand automatically reaches for another and then another.

A look inside our vegan piggies

Why all the fuss to make a vegan pineapple tart?

2 weeks ago, my heart almost stopped as I walked down the longest aisle of Chinese new year goodies on sale. While most just wondered which ones tasted better, I was more concerned about which ones were potential death traps for my food allergic son.

Sadly, ALL of them were laden with egg, dairy and/or some form of peanuts or nuts. The image of these killer snacks sitting in all the houses I would be visiting over Chinese New Year popped up in my head.

How were we going to enjoy the festivities like this?

Obviously, I needed to tip the scales back towards having at least one safe snack.

A person's a PERSON, no matter how small
Horton’s efforts to include even the smallest minute person should be an inspiration to us all.
I hope these little vegan piggies will show everyone that accommodating for special dietary needs is not only possible but seriously yummy!

A Person’s a PERSON, no matter how small.

Chinese New Year is a happy time of feasting among family and friends. For the small minority who have food allergies and intolerances, it means the world when others take the effort to help them feel inclusive.

By making these little tubs of piggies accessible, I hope these vegan piggy crusaders will sit proudly next to their egg and dairy filled counterparts. And show the world that it is possible to bake yummylicious treats without dairy, eggs and nuts. I’ll work on posting the recipe in the coming months, but for now,

these little Piggies are going to market…

Orders open for a limited quantity!

A friend said to me these are too good not to share with everyone. And this is someone who doesn’t even have any food allergies. My order book is filling up fast, so do share this with any family and friends who will appreciate this very special version of a pineapple tart.

Link to order is on my website shop, link

Or email me at if you have questions 🙂

Quick, grab them before they disappear into someone else’s tummy!

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