Limited edition Corey’s vegan pineapple tarts open for orders!

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They literally melt in your mouth

I’m so excited about this year’s Moomoo pineapple tarts! Ardent fans have been asking as early as December when my oven would open for orders. Our growing group of new followers are also raving that these little parcels of goodness literally melt in your mouth. And what amazes people the most, is that they are #eggfree, #dairyfree and also #nutfree. Vegan and allergen friendly and healthier but with a taste that rivals many traditional tarts? So crazy but absolutely true!

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Egg free, dairy free and nut free

For those of you who know my story, you will know that my son Corey is severely allergic to eggs, dairy and peanuts and a few tree nuts. Not wanting him to miss out on the joys of traditional snacks during Chinese New Year, I recreated allergen friendly versions without egg, dairy and nuts for him.

Along the way, friends and family who have tried them said they can’t tell its vegan at all. Some even preferring it to traditional ones. Filled with premium semi sweet pineapple jam and a crumbly pastry made with vegan butter, you cannot stop at one.

Corey’s vegan pineapple tarts in tub
Corey’s vegan pineapple tarts in tub

I can’t wait to try these, bring me to the ordering page!

Creating memories together

My own childhood is filled with memories of my grandmother baking her version of pineapple tarts and me sneaking some into my mouth as they come out of the oven. For a long time I wondered if Corey would ever get to experience that same kind of joy when he can’t eat eggs or dairy. This was my biggest impetus to truly master baking without eggs and dairy.

Corey eating tarts
Don’t take my photo I’m enjoying my break!

I know I’ve succeeded in recreating the experience for Corey when I catch him running into the kitchen as the smells of the tarts filled the house.

He eagerly waits for the tarts to be cool enough to grab straight of the tray and into his mouth.

It’s such a joy to watch him stuff his face with snacks which I know are safe for him. I hope to recreate this joy for others who have special dietary needs or just want a healthier version.

Personalised design labels for each unique tub

This year, my boys are old enough to also get involved in the production process. Corey Would stand next to my scale, announcing the number that each appears on screen as I weighed each dough ball. Both boys helped to colour each personalised label so no two tubs are exactly the same.

There is one small detail that is different between Corey and Riley’s designs? Can you tell what it is? Spot the difference and follow me on Instagram @amandaprosimple to enjoy free delivery of these vegan pineapple tarts!

Spot the difference cow labels
Spot the difference cow labels

Ordering Details

I will release only 5 tubs a day from now till the 10th of February. So grab them before they are gone! Click on this picture below to order. And what’s more, enjoy free shipping by following me on Instagram at @amandaprosimple, pm or email me the answer to the difference between the cows and I’ll send you a coupon for free delivery.

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