Learning Simply – Magic Dancing Foam

by amanda
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Celebrating with some magic dancing foam!

We’ve been busy recently, celebrating Corey’s 18th month birthday and our joy of finally getting his eczema under control! I’ve been spending a bit of time to document our eczema healing journey, and started with sharing Corey’s Nutritious Skin Healing Broth. Next up I’ll be discussing how a simplified skincare routine and Simplicity Parenting played a major role in getting us to where we are today. Although the journey is still long, the worse is finally over.

In between all the activity, I found a bit of time to do this simple magic dancing foam science experiment with Riley. Riley loves doing magic tricks and Static electricity is one of those natural occurrences that can mesmerise the littlest toddlers. I had seen some amazing experiments for kids, but nothing that was easy enough for a toddler to recreate.

So I came up with the following toy with items I found around the house.


You will need:

  1. 1 micro fiber cloth
  2. Foam bits (styrofoam bits broken off from a food container will work as well)
  3. Perspex (plastic) container
  4. 1 sheet of construction paper of any colour

How to recreate this toy:

I bought these foam craft sheets from the book store and cut some up into small bits (0.5cm in diameter) and scatter them on a sheet of construction paper. The colours looked pretty and your toddler will enjoy deciding which colours he/she wants to use.


Instruct your toddler to cover the foam bits with the perspex container. I use an old Ferrero Rocher Box. Then use the micro fiber cloth and rub the top of the container multiple times. Then watch for the magic dancing foam! Sometimes it takes a while for the static charges to work, so keep wiping, be patient till it happens!

Happy playing 🙂


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