If you can smell eggs in the air, my baby can have an allergic reaction

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Last updated on June 1st, 2019 at 04:50 am

I am used to the disbelieving stares when I tell people Corey’s severe allergies to eggs is airborne.

If there are eggs cooking (therefore egg proteins in the air), he can have a serious allergic reaction that might land us in hospital.

“You sure or not? So serious?”

The sceptical expressions jump off people’s faces like an open book. I know they are wondering whether I am being a hypersensitive and overprotective parent.

And boy, I wished they were right and that I was being overprotective. But a few severe mysterious reactions later, and a thorough review with our trusted allergist at every round, my worst fears were confirmed. I have a highly allergic baby whose reactions can be trigger by allergens just being in the air.

I get it I really do.

People can only comprehend what they have experienced first-hand. For everything else, it’s the status quo of the majority that forms the general public opinion. And it is true that severe food allergies are still rare in this part of the world. Affecting maybe 1 % of babies in Singapore (from GUSTO Studies done in 2016 by the Singapore government). But being a minority doesn’t make the fact that it is happening any less real. And by the way, this small group of allergic babies are growing in numbers every year.

I wished I was truly being melodramatic. I had the same ‘how can this be happening?’ thinking the first time the nurse placed an epipen in my hand and told me this might save my baby’s life.

“You want me to do what? I can’t even look at needles when I take an injection, let alone stab my baby’s thigh with this injector when he’s having a severe reaction and I’m in full panic mode?”

The world is a scary place when silent, invisible killers could be lurking in the fried rice at the next table. It is even scarier when even the smell of said eggs from the same plate could make its way to my baby’s nose and skin and cause him to have a serious reaction.

That was many moons ago in 2016.

If there is one defining piece of advice I can give to new allergy parents, it is to tune out the noise and turn on action mode. Do what you feel is necessary to keep your baby safe and never let bystanders tell you otherwise.

I spent a good year reeling from the shock of how severe my baby’s allergies were. It is hard for me to recall how we made it through those difficult first days. But make it through we did.

Airborne allergic reactions are very real and it’s not just fish that can cause problems.

It is my allergy-parent’s nightmare to ride on another parent’s grief to raise awareness for severe allergies. But the recent news of young Cameron Jean – Pierre’s demise from breathing in fish fumes cuts too close to home to ignore.

My heart breaks when I watch the interview with Cameron’s dad and he said ‘the situation wasn’t out of the ordinary’. And I know he did everything he could and knew to do in a situation like that. Watch the interview reported by ABC news here “Parents speak out after boy dies from smell of cooking fish in Brooklyn:

If we learn anything from young Cameron’s demise, it highlights the importance that remote allergic reactions can happen anywhere anytime for highly allergic children.

Even if it was never this severe before, it can be deadly at the next occurrence.

With highly allergic children, never take anything for granted.

An allergy parent’s job never ends. From the moment I wake up to the time my baby is asleep, I am constantly assessing the risks of Corey’s exposures.

So please don’t be offended if I have to turn down attending a party because the envinronment may not be safe for Corey. And thank you for understanding that I have to be detailed in learning about the ingredients that goes into party food being served.

If you are one of those who have gone the extra mile to help in this process, thank you for your kindness. It pains me more than anyone to have to go through this process. But this is necessary to keep Corey safe and gives me a peace of mind. You are my rock and our lives are a little sweeter with you in it.

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