How to Identify an Eczema Mama

by amanda
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Last updated on December 20th, 2017 at 07:58 pm

Recently I have met some awe inspiring eczema mamas. We all have different stories as each child’s eczema journey is never quite the same. Yet when I compare the things we do for our babies, many analogous traits emerge.

The tears we shed, the frustrations we face when the rashes just keep coming back, no matter what we do.

The strength we somehow manage to draw even when it feels like our energy tank is totally empty.

So I compiled a list of these common characteristics below.

It offers a glimpse into what eczema mamas go through, day after day, night after night. Tag an eczema mama or just share this to show support to those struggling with eczema in very young children.

Because it is a comforting reminder that we are not alone in this eczema battle.

Never feel alone again, connect with me and other like minded eczema caregivers in this Facebook page, Parents of Kids with Eczema (POKE)

Up next, I’ll be doing a half year progress update of Corey’s eczema and allergies since I started to officially document his healing journey. There has been many ups and down, victories and set backs. We have learn so much more about how to control this disease and Corey has continued to improve. Stay tuned!



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