FAQs on Corey’s Skin Healing Broth

by amanda

What is the shelf life of Corey’s Skin Healing Broth? 

Our Broths are freshly made and delivered either same day or next day of cooking. Thus the recommended shelf life is one week to ten days in the chiller section of your refrigerator.

What is the best way to ensure the freshness of my Corey’s Skin Healing Broth?

Only spoon out what is necessary for that meal and always keep your broth refrigerated at all times. If unsure, please do a quick smell test to ensure it is ok for consumption. Project Simplicity cannot be held responsible for incorrect storage once the product is in your home. It is not recommended to use beyond the maximum ten days from the time of delivery.

How is Corey’s Skin Healing Broth different from a regular chicken soup and stock? 

Corey’s Skin Healing Broth is made with Sakura Chicken and Premium Lacto Chicken (certified organic) bones and parts. We use a combination of pressure and slow cooking at low temperatures to extract out the best nutrients and flavours out of our ingredients.

You won’t find any hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients in our chicken broth. Most store bought broth (can also be labeled as stock) contain artificial ingredients like MSG and preservatives. Moreover, these store versions use poor quality bones and parts which results in a water-down salty stock that is missing the all important amino acids nutrients which is the main benefit of drinking bone broth. Don’t take my word for it, go have a read of the labels (even the organic brands!) the next time you visit the supermarket.

Why Corey’s Skin Healing Broth? 

Our mission is to help busy mums to improve their children’s health and lives. All done conveniently through a multipurpose kitchen helper of Corey’s Skin Healing Broth. From the moment this bottle started making its mainstay in my kitchen, it cuts my cooking of nutritious meals for my kids by leaps and bounds. It is so simple, even helpers and other caregivers can use it without needing complicated instructions.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept any returns at this point due to safety and hygiene reasons. Do get in touch with us if you have questions and we will do our best to address your concerns.

Click here to order your Corey’s Skin Healing Broth now and try out for yourself 🙂 



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