Eczema Tracker February 2018 – we are but a drop in the ocean

by amanda
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We are but a drop in the ocean

The last 2 months have been difficult for Corey’s eczema. In December we had our 3rd emergency room visit for the year. And in January 2018 Corey was hit with a persistent flu bug for most of the month. While I was busy whining to an old friend about these woes, I suddenly found myself stopping in mid sentence. I realised how self-centred I sounded. Here I was jabbering about how Corey’s condition had spoilt his new year and ours, whilst out in the world there were so many people with much bigger problems.

We are but a drop in the ocean and our problems can be just as small if we put things in perspective.

February’s Eczema Tracker Theme – we can do this, together!

Thus the ocean became our theme for Eczema Tracker February 2018.

Being a drop in the ocean also brings to mind that as a stream turns into the ocean, we are stronger together than alone.

2 years ago when Corey was first diagnosed with chronic eczema with multiple allergies, it was a lonely difficult time. From doctors to family, friends and even well meaning strangers, I found nobody could relate to how difficult it was to just get a a handle of his condition. Not being able to find a proper support group, I started my own. Now, we are not only surrounded by others who face similar difficulties, we are also helping others to cope with baby eczema. Email me if you would like to join us or find out how to start your own Eczema Tracker.

Healing Goals and Notes

Our goal this month is to get less itchy and have more steroid free days. I recently discovered a new cream that I am trying out and will be monitoring that progress for the whole of February.

New items added the Eczema Tracker

At the bottom, I’ve added a small section on ‘Skin Condition’ and ‘Number of Areas with rash’. Tracking these compliments the itch scale because I can monitor if there is a causal relationship between his itch and rash.

Have feedback or are starting your own eczema trackers? Connect with me at

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