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Last updated on December 20th, 2017 at 07:24 pm

I recently discovered the beauty of bullet journalling and immediately knew I wanted to use one to track Corey’s healing. I wondered where the heck would I ever find the time to do a full journal? And possessing zero artistic talent meant I’m probably going to end up with ugly scribbles. But brushing aside my own lame excuses, I got down to business.

Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was therapeutic. Putting the different items I wanted to track on paper and splitting them into sections helped me to organise my thoughts on Corey’s current stage of healing. Taking a stab at some random doodles brought me back to my school days and was a great way to destress after a long day of noisy toddlers.

Why a bullet journal tracker for eczema?

I was very overwhelmed with guesswork at the beginning of Corey’s diagnosis. The feeling of helplessness was depressing, after weeks of managing mysterious triggers symptomatically. I was continually held hostage by the usage of medicines and steroid creams. It kept me up for nights thinking there had to be a better way.

Over time, I learn that to live well with eczema and allergies is like managing a game of probability (sorry thats the finance major in me speaking). Skin tests and blood tests can only give you limited information (which may also contain false positives or false negatives too). Only when certain patterns emerge over a period of time, then suspected allergens can be validated or quashed.

Conversations with Corey’s allergist early on in his diagnosis are typical as follows:

Dr: So what do you suspect he reacted to today?

Me: well, I kept him indoors the whole day. He has been a bit constipated and sneezed a few times this morning. It could have been the mushrooms or lamb he ate for lunch. His older brother was eating yogurt around him at teatime. Oh, I tried a new cream on him just before bed.

Dr: Hmm yes it could be any of those or all of those things.

In a lot of ways it is only when the patterns emerge that you can fully take advantage of your doctor’s advice. Your observations of your child’s allergy patterns, together with your doctor’s professional experience is a powerful partnership to monitoring the developments of an allergic baby.

 an eczema bullet journal tracker: Start with the basics

I started with a daily tracker. At this point in his healing journey, it felt important to track his diet, common daily activities, medication and cream usages, along with an itch scale. I made this tracker to be used together with my detailed daily eczema diary (also pictured below) where more comprehensive notes are recorded. Updates on our progress and review of the tracker at the end of this post!

I’m excited to see what patterns emerge to help us to further improve Corey’s healing journey.

Here’s an image of my detailed eczema journal which is used to track daily observations I want to highlight. Corey’s condition has been improving by leaps and bounds so the good news is I am recording lesser detailed information. I still use it as knowing that I have a way of documenting his progress gives me the confidence to expose him to new foods and new activities.

For those whose eczema is severe or are still figuring out the main triggers, you can download the template of my daily eczema journal by subscribing to our site!

I’m taking the time to further build out the eczema bullet journal to include other useful tips so subscribe to stay updated.

For those who are not inclined to make their own journal, I am looking to produce a printable copy. And for those who really do not want to use physical notes or paper (like my husband), you can try out this eczema tracking app! It is the brainchild of a fellow eczema mama who knows the importance of tracking those pesky triggers and itches! Find out more at or simply download the iOS app at this link .

Update at the end of October! Review of eczema tracker and link to our November tracker


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Veron December 21, 2020 - 2:45 am

Hi there please share your eczema bujo as my son also suffer severely from it. Thank you in advance


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