And just like that, we’ve entered a new phase of healing

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Making up for loss time

Half a year ago, I would have balked at the idea of bringing Corey to the beach. One doctor commented early on in the diagnosis that his eczema was so extensive he would never have completely clear skin. But here we are 2 years after we started this battle, even stubborn spots are now kept to a minimum.

With so many more itch free days, we have been making up for loss time. And yesterday was the perfect weather for frolicking in the sand.

Half a year ago in January 2018

These last few months we have slowly but surely crossing a new healing hurdle. We are now down to stubborn manageable spots. Here’s some photos of January 2018 where generalised areas of eczema were still regularly apparent on his body and other areas.

We sorted out these generalised eczema with a change in moisturiser while continuing to use my system of simplicity to keep everything else in check. Now that these patches are mostly healed and rarely come back, it is a manageable task of keeping his skin healthy while sticking to our healing plan.

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Preview of System of Simplicity

What ultimately has worked for us is a combination of many factors. As I reflect on how to summarise my past 2 years, it boils down to setting up a system of simplicity that started two years ago. This system of simplicity enabled me to cope with the many complex layers to battling baby eczema and allergies.

The second half of 2018 will be a busy one for Corey and me as we enter the next phase of healing: Corey claiming back a normal childhood while I work on documenting the finer details of how to set up this system of simplicity for other struggling parents.

Here’s a sneak preview of this system for which I will be posting more about in the coming weeks:

My reward for the last 2 years of hard work?

Seeing my little Corey enjoy his childhood like a normal toddler while I watch from the sidelines, knowing I have the tools to manage his allergies and eczema with so much more ease and confidence than when we started this journey.


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