Allie the Allergic Monster

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Last updated on February 26th, 2018 at 03:59 am

Corey is finally going to preschool

Any food allergy mum knows that sending young children to school is our worse nightmare. Being away for even just a few hours means a few hours of potential exposure to his allergens of eggs, milk and peanuts. It doesn’t help that these are very common food items found in snacks and foods served in schools.

I’ve had to delay Corey’s entry for the past 6 months as the schools we applied to were not able to cope with his allergies. Happily, after much research and preparation, we have found a school that fits majority of my criteria. So he’s starting in two weeks.

A need to teach him to be aware of his allergies

I’ve been preempted many times from schools and doctors that I have to teach my food allergic child to avoid things he is allergic to. Easier said than done with a two year old who can’t even take proper instructions with potty training.

And so Allie the Allergic Monster was born..

So the idea of Allie was conceived as a fun way to teach him about what he can and cannot eat.

Meet Allie the allergic monster, who is allergic to eggs, milk and peanuts, but can eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. He might not be able to eat a lot of stuff, but he can still have lots of fun.

I was please when Corey first met Allie, he understood he could feed Allie the play foods I had placed next to him. He spent a good 15 minutes feeding Allie the foods, one at time. Then when he got impatient, he poured all the foods at one go into Allie’s mouth (BOYS!?!).

Stories built around Allie the Allergic Monster

Teach about healthy foods

Besides what he can and cannot eat, Allie will be used to tell stories about healthy foods. Stories will be built over time on what happens to Allie when he does eat the wrong things (and to hilarious effects!).

Educate about the impact and symptoms of allergy

It will take time but as Corey grows and his level of understanding matures, this will be a fun and humorous way of teaching him about allergies and their impact. Probably Allie might get rashes or vomit out the foods he eats that are wrong.

Making friends and bullying in school

Plus I can’t wait to give Allie some silly cardboard friends who will help him to stay healthy and safely away from his allergens. Hopefully I will never have to deal with bullying when it comes to his allergens; but if ever a need arises, I can tell stories with Allie to teach him these important topics in a relatable manner.

Easy Peasy Materials and stock list used to make Allie:

  • BODY: 1 Nike shoebox baby shoe sized
  • TEETH: 1 piece of white felt – Popular Bookshop
  • ARMS: 6 Orange Pipe cleaners – Daiso
  • EYES: 2 Styrofoam balls – Daiso

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