2018 New Year, New Focus, New Challenges

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Last updated on January 12th, 2018 at 09:42 am

A new year brings with it fresh starts. January is a great time to set the tone for the other 11 months. In 2018, new year, new focus, we are embracing new exciting challenges and changes to the website that I am bursting to share with everyone. But first, a look at the year in passing.

2017 in my rear view mirror

A Year where Simplifying ruled. 

2016/17 was a tough time for both Corey and us as he battled the worst of his eczema. Over the last few months of 2017, his healing has accelerated. With lesser eczema flares, he has seen a lesser dependence on medicated creams. Coupled with a rigorous management of his allergies, his growth has raced ahead together with the speed of his running amok around the house!

This is not to say it was an easy journey. It was a function of many trials and errors, along with constant observations of his every move and at times just sheer perseverance. I have no doubt everything we did made a difference. Every chance I managed to simplify a process for him and us, we gained a step nearer his healing goals.

More Healing and New Adventures for Little Corey in 2018

Minor setbacks in 2017 included 3 emergency room visits for allergic reactions, a delay of entry to pre-nursery due to the schools inability to handle his allergies, and countless itchy nights with broken sleep. Never once was his tiny 2 year old’s spirits broken. His strength is my inspiration and he never gave up, instead he thrived and is today a strong cheeky bub. I have no doubt 2018 will be an exciting year of discovery and fun for him.

It was a Year of Learning through Simplification. 

Learning about patience and time

One crucial lesson after 2 years of continual simplification of childhood allergy management is learning to be patient and give healing time to take place. It is very difficult for parents to watch their children in discomfort and not be able to speed up the healing process. Often the solution is surprisingly simple, but because of our impatience we rush from one thing to another, hoping for a miracle cure where there is none.

With as complex a disease as allergies and eczema, the ‘cure’ is surprisingly simple. The skin is constantly regenerating itself. Essentially all I had to do was follow the healing plan I mapped out and stick to it. Now that he is much better, I keep to the same simple routine, continuously work on giving him the best chance of outgrowing his allergies as his immunity matures. Read my Eczema Babies Healing Plan – Lesser Stress in 5 Steps for the full details.

Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, I learnt to dance in the rain 

Over the past 2 years, I lost track of the number of times I wished I could will away his allergies and eczema. When Corey’s allergist first diagnosed his chronic eczema as being for life, it felt like a death sentence. And as his condition deteriorated, I lost the ability to juggle all my responsibilities of career, mother to my older toddler, wife to my husband that he needed me to be. It consumed me whole and spat me out like a flavourless piece of gum. So one thing was clear, I had to change.

The process of change was painful, full of tears and frustrations. I peeled my self pitying ass off the floor and rolled up my sleeves. Any self respecting mother would when their children and family depended on it. I applied my energies to learning new ways to cope because there had to be a better way.

This led to a discovery of a simplicity way of life that not only allowed us to get a handle on Corey’s situation, but also benefited many other aspects of our daily lives.

I learnt to take control and do more of things that really mattered through simplification

In simplifying, I learnt to divide and conquer all the different responsibilities I faced. I researched different organization gurus, tried out countless systems and tools in search of more efficient ways of running our daily lives. Everything was broken down into small bitesized pieces that were doable and digestible. Then I adapted what I had learnt and developed my own simplifying ways.

Surprisingly, I discovered I was actually doing more than I ever did before Corey’s condition. And more importantly, I was doing more of the things that really brought joy and satisfaction to my life.


Expanding Project Simplicity as a Way of Life

Having discovered the multitude of benefits in embracing Simplicity, it seems apt that for 2018, this website’s focus will expand beyond allergy and eczema management. I will still continue to compile tips and document Corey’s healing journey. But I am also including sections to share the beauty of Simplicity living as a way of life.

Sections that will be added to the website include

Bullet Journalling as a Simplifying tool to achieve all the goals you want to achieve in this new year

I first picked up bullet journalling when I was using trackers for Corey’s eczema. What I unlocked was a powerful tool of thought processing that would increase my productivity to levels I never thought possible. The physical writing and drawings were almost like free therapy. Taking the time to build my journalling system unearthed a mindfulness that apps and google calendar cannot replace.

Use a bullet journalling system and never again feel overwhelmed by the thousand and one things on your plate. It allows you to manage your professional work with more ease and mindfulness. You will also discover that you do have time for personal pursuits, discover new passions and uncover the essential things important to you.

But don’t be fooled that it’s just writing a diary because there is a specific system to building an effective one that you will stick to and complete. So stick around as I post more on this topic to learn some tricks to make those new year resolutions a reality.

Simplicity Learning/Parenting

The economy of our children’s future will require a lot more critical and creative thinking than what our schools are teaching today. To prepare our children for this change involves cultivating a love for learning in a nurturing setting that goes way beyond enrichment classses. I first picked up this concept through the book Simplicity Parenting that gave me a fresh perspective on mapping my own parenting goals.

This year, I will post more fun learning activities with my kids in this section. I am excited that Corey will be trying more new activities since he is no longer itchy all the time. I will also be sharing more concepts from Simplicity Parenting that we are implementing at home.

Simplicity Decluttering

Decluttering physical stuff involves more psychological skills than just simply throwing things away. So many parents of young children are often bewildered at the subtle accumulation of stuff that takes over their homes. Yet they somehow feel powerless to reduce the amount. I have spent the whole of 2017 decluttering my home and can honestly say we are 70% to achieving my dream home housed with 2 small toddlers. I’ve learnt some useful tricks that goes beyond the Konmari method. A busy parent with 2 active toddlers does not have time to thank every item in the home for their service. Although I do acknowledge that everything we have in our home serves a proper purpose.

Simplicity Finance – a perfect match of my professional skills and new found passion for simplifying

For more than a decade, I spent my professional life planning other people’s finances and investments. Yet it wasn’t till I became self employed that I truly worked out a proper system of simplifying my own finances. The trick is how to focus ones finances on where it matters most. And in planning for what matters most, you will attain a very important peace of mind. This process involves more of understanding yourself than just chasing the highest return available.

Heres to a great 2018 simplicity journey

I have a full plate this year and I’m excited to share all that I know and more. I welcome suggestions, collaborations, questions and just connecting with people who crave the same simplicity way of life. Contact me at amanda@projectsimplicity.sg and heres to a great 2018!

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